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What People Are Saying

Rishabh Chaudhary

Brilliant platform for newcomers like me! Takes the guesswork out of the process and gives me confidence to execute my trades. The pro traders on the app have been at it for a long time

12 October 2021

Kaushik Kumar Chakraborty

Add Groww and Upstox too . Great initiative and good start . Like the said platform for investors like us who want to invest beginny with small amount to start with and seeks transparency.

30 September 2021

Sushant Singh

I've studied product engineering and I really don't like products very easily since I've been analysing them for years now. You could say I'm a Prod-critic but yahan main pighal gaya😄. I honestly found Trinkerr to be one of the very few products who have a great UX delivery and vision which aims at

31 August 2021

Saurabh Khadke

Brilliant concept, ideal for new investors who are looking for real investment scenarios and opportunities. If you are someone who is looking to start your stock market journey and don't have the time to assimilate the tons of information available out there, this app is ideal for you!

25 August 2021

Investment and Nivesh point

Very nice and good for beginners for prompt idea that where to invest by this app and also it's customer care resolution is very attractive and prompt response.

7 September 2021

Akhilesh goyal

Thanks to Trinkerr.. Today I booked profit of rs 4313 from Maithan Alloys just in 35 shares. Looking forward to more updates on stocks from Trinkerr.

4 October 2021

Teekam Goyal

I invested in an expert trader on Trinkerr on a friend's recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it gave me over 43% returns in just 3 weeks! Looking forward to invest more on Trinkerr..Really a boom for retail investors.

6 October 2021


i am planning to withdraw all my money from groww and place it on expert here. Thanks Kartik, Vishu for introducing me to this app and explaining me the process..Kudos to Trinkerr team

31 August 2021

Divyansh Goyal

I was a beginner in stock market but after tracking the portfolios of professionals in this platform, I am also started making out good profits in stocks. This trinkerr thing makes me feel like professional nowadays in stock market.I would strongly recommend to everyone.

28 September 2021

Akshay Kendre

Wow. Brilliant just exploring add more features like font size and UI and please review profiles and please give verfied blue tick for top class trade profiles so retailers traders or investor choose easy profiles

28 September 2021
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